Winter Tours

Wine Tours or Beer Tours…

Not Just For Summer Anymore!!

Okanagan Winter Wine Tours

No reason why you can’t go wine touring in the off-season!! (November 1st to April 30th)

We have an arsenal of wineries that will be open and waiting for our Grape Friends visit,

So YES wineries are open!!

We will be visiting some fabulous award-winning wineries depending on time allotment that you choose to be out for, weather and road conditions are what determines how many we will visit.  

We will have one blast of a time in our winter wonderland. It makes for a very magical experience too when the snow is falling while we are touring you around. Spectacular!

Grape Friends Winter Ideas:

“Grape Buddies” Tour of either Naramata or Summerland: 3 hours $65 per person plus tax or go for 4 hours at $75 per person plus tax

“Beer Buddies” Tour Penticton: 4 different Micro Breweries & 3 Distilleries – 4 hours $75 per person plus tax

“Awesome Oliver” Tour: 5 hours with a lunch stop $95 per person plus tax (lunch is not included in the tour price)

“Dinner Buddies Shuttle Service” – Tour of Naramata or Summerland: enjoy one of our Grape Tours that will then finish with a drop off at your dinner location and includes a return trip to your accommodations where you started from. Add $10 per person to your tour. Dinner is not included in our tour price.

Prices are based on pick up and drop in the Penticton area.

Penticton Wine Tours
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