Tips to Enhance Your Wine Tour Experience

Wine Tour Tips You Can Take to the Winery


At Grape Friends Lounge and Tours we understand that every person is unique and that they have varying levels of experience with winery tours. We have compiled this list of wine tour tips to help enhance your next exciting tour:

Yeah, I know we are a wine tour company….so this tip seems a little biased, but if you go wine tasting, hire a professional tour company or have a designated driver. Chances are you will taste more wine than you expected to — those little tastes add up.

Please don’t be embarrassed to start with a guidebook. No matter how much you know about wine, there is definitely always more to learn. Even the professionals utilize these handy resources, because they’re a great place to learn about all of the tasting options in a region.

Drink lots of water. It is very important to drink a lot of water between wine tasting. The Okanagan summer days can get into the 40 degree Celsius range. So it’s a good idea to bring some with along on a wine tour to remain hydrated. It is good to keep that palette clean anyway.

Focus on the smaller wineries. We believe that to feel the passion of wine and the wine-making process, it is very important to seek out the smaller places where you can really spend some quality time with the people behind the bar. They know their products and can help enhance you knowledge and palette.

Wine Tour TipsSmiles all around

Get an empty box for wine. Grab one at your local wine or liquor store, or think about buying a Styrofoam wine carrier. Trust us on this. You are going to start buying bottles of wine that will rattle around in your car unless you’ve brought a box. You’ll thank us for this advice when your box is full of hidden Okanagan Treasures 😉

Get an early start to avoid the crowds. The thing that’s the most fun about a winery visit is chatting with the people behind the bar, who are often the owners or the wine makers themselves, especially at smaller wineries. If you don’t get an early start (especially on weekends), the winery personnel  will not have time to talk with you if it’s busy.

Which leads into our next step…Do not be afraid not to know. Wine criticism may be all about identifying the faults and strengths of a wine, but wine tasting is about finding what you personally enjoy. You are exceedingly qualified to do critiques, no matter your level of wine knowledge. From experience, we know that most wine makers love to talk about their work and are happy to explain and answer your questions. It is a great way to learn.

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Bringing food or planning a delicious lunch is important. With the heat, the wine and the non-stop action it is important to have food on your tour. Grape Friends is proud to offer a delicious Picnic Lunch for our patrons. If not, you can plan a lunch at one of the wineries.

Grapefriends Lunch 2016Delicious Grape Friend’s Picnic Lunch

This is low on our list, but definitely one of the most important wine tour tips…sit back and relax. Wine tours are meant to be fun and relaxing. Put all of your cares aside and enjoy yourself.

Wine taste responsibly. The four S’s are “Swirl, Smell, Sip and Spit.” This tip is very important, and this practice is a great way to taste a lot of the different wines that the Okanagan has to offer.

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